I'm Outta Here! An American's Ultimate Visa Guide to Living in Europe

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Want to finally get clear on what it takes to get your European Visa? 

It’s overwhelming, isn’t it? Trying to figure out how to get a visa that will let you stay in Europe for the long-term, where you can work (even remotely), teach, or retire there.

So you've been researching, trying to find the easiest country to get a visa in and make sense of the process - but there’s no clear path. Instead, you find mountains of contradicting advice, fine-print that just adds to the overwhelm, and “experts” that don’t seem to know much more than Google.

It doesn’t take long before moving to Europe starts to feel impossible.

Luckily for you, you’ve finally found the one thing that can make getting your long-term visa for Europe easier to understand, with a clear set of feasible options and requirements, so you’ll know which visa is right for you.

I’m Outta Here! An American's Ultimate Visa Guide to Living in Europe is a digital book written to help U.S. citizens who want to move to Europe, but feel completely lost, frustrated, or stuck with their visa options. 

It’s so easy to feel like moving to Europe is impossible if you’re not a European citizen already, because so many countries don’t have viable visa options for U.S. citizens. But there are countries in Europe that are friendly to expats, and will happily allow you to relocate to this side of the world permanently.

"This book is your one stop shop on all information for an American to find the best country for them to obtain a Visa. The sections are well organized and can easily be bookmarked for the specific information to help start your new living abroad adventure. This wonderful guide also includes links to give you even more information based on the country of your choosing. If you are looking to save time and being overwhelmed by all the information out there, get this book. It is clear, concise and fun to read. Get ready for your dream of moving to Europe a reality." - Carol VanDiepen

What you'll get:

☑️  The 50 easiest visa options available specifically to U.S. citizens who want to relocate to Europe for the long-term

☑️  The 16 easiest countries that those visa options are located in

☑️  A breakdown of the visa requirements for each, so you’ll know exactly which one is right for you and what you need to prepare.

This book is more than just your average visa guide. This is a guide on finding the right European country and city for you to relocate to! This is why I’m Outta Here! also covers a full breakdown of popular expat cities in each of the key 16 countries, and what kind of living experience each city brings, including:

☑️  The cost of living you can expect in each city

☑️  Languages you’ll have the opportunity to brush up on or learn, as well as if you’ll be met by an English speaking community & population

☑️  How to meet people, make friends, and adapt to the social scene

☑️  What kind of climate each one has so you can pick your preference

☑️  The need-to-know about travel and transportation in each city

☑️  And last but not least, safety.

See, it’s literally everything you need to know about finding the right location in Europe for you start your new life in! One that’s feasible, and the right fit for you!

Get your copy now! Available in pdf, and for e-readers MOBI (Kindle), and EPUB.

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I'm Outta Here! An American's Ultimate Visa Guide to Living in Europe

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