How to Get European Citizenship by Descent in 28 Countries

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Are you an American interested in moving to Europe? Do you want to learn how to become a European Union (EU) citizen? If your lineage comes from a variety of European countries, then there’s a relatively easy and inexpensive way for you to get European citizenship by descent!

What is citizenship by descent?

While visas offer opportunities to live and work in other countries, EU citizenship provides certain rights that are unavailable to visa holders. This includes government-subsidized healthcare, the right to vote and permission to live and work in any EU member country.

“Citizenship by descent” allows direct ancestors to become a citizen in the home country of their parents, grandparents or great-grandparents. Even if your relative immigrated to another country or fled persecution due to war, you might still qualify for citizenship due to ancestry.

So, what’s in the guide?

This guide is a one-stop resource with everything you need to start your EU citizenship journey. Inside, you’ll find overviews of the requirements and steps to pursue citizenship by descent. Each country profile also includes a link to the government agency to contact for further information.

There are 28 countries included in this guide. Although the title references members of the European Union, I’ve also included Switzerland and Israel.

Congratulations on exploring a move to Europe! Taking the first step toward a fresh start in a new country is both overwhelming and exciting.

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How to Get European Citizenship by Descent in 28 Countries

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